The Kinetix Group

Commitment Statement:

The Kinetix Group is committed to supporting health systems to improve their quality and cost of care. With this goal in mind, we help organizations gain analytical insights about their cost of care and quality metrics, streamline their processes and workflows, and identify solutions for obstacles they may encounter along the way.

Throughout all of our consulting services, we will provide direction for organizations to achieve the Triple Aim and adopt Category 3 and 4 APMs by:
1) Educating health systems and providers about APMs and prospective pathways to success
2) Gaining key insights from healthcare industry stakeholders about opportunities and barriers surrounding various APMs
3) Continuously promoting care coordination and patient engagement
4) Working closely with partner organizations to assist health systems and provider groups in proactively managing populations and reducing unnecessary utilization of services
5) Encouraging our clients to innovate and to utilize metrics to effectively implement initiatives that promote the Triple Aim

As a collaborator in the QualityImpact Practice Transformation Network participating in the CMS Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative, we will guide upwards of 4,000 providers on the path to transition from fee-for-service to value based payment models. With regular, 6 month reassessments, we can gauge their improvement and determine which areas they need to improve. Our goal is that, by the end of our 4 year program, the practices will see a $600 average per patient savings with a 30-35% improvement on key clinical outcomes such as diabetes, asthma, and heart failure. We will work closely with these facilities to see which APMs they adopt and their performance.


The Kinetix Group