MPA Healthcare Solutions

Commitment Statement:

MPA Healthcare Solutions is pleased to make a commitment to support the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. As long‐time health care outcomes researchers, our team strongly supports the “Better, Smarter, Healthier” alternative payment model Medicare goals announced by Secretary Burwell. MPA understands that many organizations are committed to these principles, but may not yet have sufficient infrastructure to participate in alternative payment models. In order to accelerate adoption, MPA commits to offering the following essential analytic services to support providers and payers in the transition from fee‐for‐service to alternative payment models:

  • Clinically‐appropriate eligibility determinations;
  • Risk‐adjustment of patient populations;
  • Validation of administrative data models using EHRs and other clinical data sources;
  • Development and validation of new metrics to help providers measure clinical outcomes;
  • Tools to monitor efficiency and effectiveness improvement interventions;
  • Provider education on alternative payment model implementation;
  • Development and dissemination of rigorous methods to achieve the above goals, within the peer‐reviewed scientific journal literature

MPA currently offers the above services to support alternative payment model implementation, and we commit to continuing to offer this suite of services to an expanding group of providers. We have also set the goal for 2016 to offer our first concurrent risk‐assessment tool to support decision support for providers caring for patients under population‐based payment contracts. We understand that timely data on patient risk is a foundation for care redesign efforts prompted by alternative payment models, and are excited to develop enhanced tools in this critical area. MPA also commits to maintaining a strong research and development program, as we recognize that only by engaging in a robust dialogue about appropriate methods can we develop tools that help payers and providers make improvements to the health care system that above all serve the best interests of patients. We have set the ambitious goal to publish ten new studies on health care outcomes measurement in the next two years (by 2018), and are thrilled to share that we are already making significant progress toward that goal with 3 new peer‐reviewed journal publications in 2016.

Drawing on our experience as an independent third‐party providing analytic infrastructure to both providers and payers, MPA:

  • Agrees to work with Network participants to establish standard definitions for alternative payment models;
  • Supports measurement of progress towards goals set by HCPLAN members on behalf of the U.S. health care system;
  • Commits to reporting progress towards goals for alternative payment models.


MPA Healthcare Solutions