Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science

Commitment Statement:

The Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science (CHIIS) and Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute’s mission is to develop tools, processes, and strategies for rapid, efficient, and sustainable implementation of evidence-based programs and practices into local environments to deliver high-quality, patient-centered and cost-efficient health care solutions aimed at producing better patient and family experience.

CHIIS is committed to ensuring over 15,000 clinicians are prepared to take on risk in alternative payment models by increasing their ability to
1) implement and localize evidence-based practices;
2) understand clinical informatics and data analytics to make data driven informed decisions;
3) utilize tools of behavioral economics to engage patients and clinicians in transformational change; and
4) master the personalization needed to manage the health of large populations.

Through CHIIS’ project, the Great Lakes Practice Transformation Network (GLPTN), funded by CMMI’s Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative, CHIIS is preparing clinicians for changes in healthcare reimbursement. GLPTN has already adopted several core principles from the APM framework and are working to build a person and family engagement strategy to empower patients to be partners in their healthcare. GLPTN supports population based payments by engaging providers in the use of population health management, chronic care management and care coordination, not just focusing on episodic improvement. We will be in strong support of clinicians with desires to join an alternative payment model that takes risk and quality into account.


Center for Health Innovation and Implementation Science


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