American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons

Commitment Statement:

The American Association of Hip & Knee Surgeons supports the goals of the LAN and the development of risk-adjusted, data-driven Advanced APMs that ensure sustainability of access to care for our members’ patients.

  • AAHKS aims to work with payors and members to ensure CJR and BPCI are included as Advanced APMs under MACRA to ensure sustainability of access to care for our members’ patients
  • AAHKS created an Advanced APM Work Group to take on this issue and explore the best ways for our organization to support our members’ transition into APMs, through education and potential partnerships, before January 1 when MACRA is implemented
  • The Work Group recently polled our members about their participation in Category 3 APMs and learned that half are enrolled in CJR and BPCI. A majority of the half that are not enrolled in a bundled payment program are interested in joining an APM
  • AAHKS is educating our members about Advanced APMs; we have created a page on our site to educate about MACRA and APMs vs MIPS
  • We will monitor the progress of education of our members through intermittent polls throughout the year to ensure education about APMs grows, leading to increased adoption
  • Develop and revise quality measures that are linked to payment for hip and knee arthroplasty
    AAHKS representatives are working with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons to develop APM education and models for our surgeons


American Association of Hip & Knee Surgeons (AAHKS)