Enabling Action with the Individual at Top of Mind: Effective Integration of Patient and Caregiver Perspectives

This session emphasizes the importance of understanding the perspectives of the individuals who receive care and their caregivers in achieving the intended person-centered care goals of health care delivery and payment reform. In pursuing person-centered care, providers, payers, purchasers, and health care organizations must genuinely engage with those receiving care and their families to grasp the key drivers of health in communities.

Panelists and moderator Libby Hoy, Founder and CEO of PFCCpartners, will showcase real-world examples of engagement across payers, providers, and health care systems, offering constructive viewpoints into the profound impact of putting individuals at the forefront of health care decision-making. The panel will also introduce the LAN’s Person Perspectives Council, which provide critical guidance on the challenges affecting individuals receiving care and caregivers in value-based care relationships.